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"The 'beyond' is neither a new horizon, nor a leaving behind of the past.... Beginnings and endings may be the sustaining myths of the middle years; but in the fin de siècle we find ourselves in the moment of transit where space and time cross to produce complex figures of difference and identity, past and present, inside and outside, inclusion and exclusion."
Homi K Bhabha, The Location of Culture

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| ChitraKaavya Dance |

​Chitrakaavya Dance is primarily focused in exploring, highlighting, and investigating Indian Classical Dance, with a specialization in Bharatanatyam, a South Indian classical form. 

ChitraKaavya Dance conceptualizes movement as a means of visual poetry.


Our mission is 

  • to help create and nurture strong intercultural connections between the Indian diaspora and the many vibrant cultures in the Salt lake Valley  through the use of visual and performing arts, primarily dance;

  • to raise the level of discourse around Indian classical dance forms, and have them be recognized for their demanding, yet remarkably versatile vocabulary and 

  • importantly, from the perspective of the next generation of the Indian diaspora,  providing relevance and interpretability to the dance forms to nurture the complex sense of identity beyond the exotic or esoteric, moving  ' beyond '….. 

  • We plan to accomplish this by innovative collaborations between dancers, musicians, writers and choreographers from diverse dance traditions and by sponsoring workshops and lecture-demonstrations to help expand artistic horizons.  


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